Welcome to Comings & Goings, a local business news column by Wendy Weitzel

Wendy Weitzel is a Davis, California, writer who started the award-winning Comings & Goings business column in 2001, when she was managing editor of The Davis Enterprise.

“It began out of frustration, when reporters wouldn’t always cover what I thought was newsworthy,” she said in her Substack Launch Party speech on June 22, 2024. “Now – out of frustration again (the paper’s botched layoff of Bob Dunning), look where it’s landed me.”

After she said goodbye to the newspaper she loved, Wendy’s loyal readers followed her to Substack, where it became an instant Bestseller, garnering thousands of subscribers, and a ranking on the Substack Leaderboard of top business publications. As she wrote in her intro piece, she’s the daughter and granddaughter of former small-business owners, and hopes the news she gathers will encourage people to know and support their community.

Check for frequent updates on her Comings & Goings Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you know of a business coming or going in the area, email news tips to wendy@comingsandgoings.news.

Former Davis Enterprise columnists Bob Dunning and Wendy Weitzel. Now on Substack.

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Get the latest business buzz in Davis, California and beyond. Since 2001, Wendy Weitzel’s award-winning Comings & Goings column has provided news on local merchants, restaurants and other businesses that come, go, move or change hands.


Wendy Weitzel is a Davis, California, writer and editor who covers area business changes. She's a longtime journalist and former managing editor of The Davis Enterprise. She started her award-winning Comings & Goings column in 2001.